In my last post I linked to this awesome video by Mr. Jake Parker. It really struck a chord with me as I am very guilty of having a lot of projects that are always being chipped away at but never actually finished. As he says in that video I need a product not a project. So here goes.

I will be following the approach laid out in that video as an experiment to see if it will work for me. I will post my progress here in a more thorough way and use my Twitter and Instagram to post some snapshots of the product as it comes together.

Step one: Choose Wisely. The product I have decided to make is a storybook based on a Nigerian fable. My lovely wife Nkemjika has told me many things about her homeland and on some occasions I have pressed her to hear about the mythology and legends of her people. During one of those cherished  conversations she told me some fables that feature animals as the main characters. The one I liked immediately was the story of how the Tortoise cracked his shell.

The Tortoise is clever and wise in a sneaky sort of way and a bit of a trickster so he should be fun to draw poses for. Also I love drawing reptile characters so it seems like a good fit. The length of the story seems like it will work well for a picture book as well and with about 14 illustrations planned I think it is doable in a few months. Anyways I think it should be a fun endeavor and I will have a nice picture book, written with my wife, that we can read to our son. Sounds like a wise choice to me.

Here are some sketches I did to try settle on a look for the Tortoise.