There are artists who can envision the finished character before ever putting pen to paper or tablet. Artists who are so comfortable using a tablet and brush tool that they can effortlessly  put down brush strokes that faithfully transfer the images in their mind onto the screen. I ain’t one of them.

I need to get my hands dirty, start putting ideas down, start solving problems, and refine the image as it develops. Luckily in art there are often as many ways to tackle a problem as there are people faced with it. So when you find yourself hitting a wall it may be time to rethink the method you are using and develop one that plays to your strengths. You face problems as they arise until your method works to your strengths and gets the results you are after. Soon you  will have an approach that can rely on because it plays to your strengths and you know it works.

Check out FatNatFun Episode #3 Problem Solving & Flash Cleanup  on my youtube channel to see the method I developed to clean up characters in Flash.