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A blast from the Past

Hey!  I came across an old layout I always liked and wanted to share it here. Also below is my redesigned Zora from the Zelda franchise. Hope you enjoy!



APW 14 Day Challenge 2015 – Final Days

Final 2 days of APW’s 14 Day Character design challenge. It was fun. I may use some of these for some more polished images. Apw_13_post Apw_14_post

APW 14 Day Character Design Challenge – part 3

APW 14 day Challenge continues with days 10-12.  Can’t wait to do 13 and 14. Hope ya like!

Apw_11_post Apw_12_post

APW 14 Day Character Design Challenge Part 2

Ok so here are numbers 7 and 8 in the always fun challenge from the team over at the Animation Portfolio Workshop  I think number seven is a stretch from the shape. Basically it made me think of a bird mouth.


APW 14 Day Challenge 2015 Part 1

The Animation Portfolio Workshop is doing it’s 14 Day character design challenge again. I just found out so I played catch up during some lunch hour sketches the past few days.  Here are the first 6 days sketches.

apw_shape1 APW_2_BlackSheep APW3_CyberHillBillyapw 4_snail

apw 5_rider apw 6_alien

#Cthulhu @sketchdailies

Inktober is here and seeing as I hadn’t inked anything in years and @Sketch_Dailies chose the radicawesome topic #Cthulhu, I had to dive in.

Below are my original ink sketch and the version touched up in PS.




I offered my first entry for @Sketch_Dailies topic #RedSkull.  I gave him Daffy duck’s proportions and wanted him to seem like he could be the heel in a Looney tunes episode.


Back at it!

Some sketches from my latest book. Going to post a bunch of them over the next week or so.

creature sketches_poo & dragon Fuzzy Wierdos_july 2015 Poo& Dragon_ sketch WartLock_roughAssorted Munchkins_sketches

So I decided to do some viking sketches for a design I have in mind. Here is the first sketch. Comments and crits welcome.


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